Homoeopathy in South East London and Norwich

Homoeopathy is a safe gentle way to treat physical and emotional problems, help you to regain your energy and help prevent future illness. The homoeopathic consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your problem in detail and gives me the opportunity to listen to what you say, understand you and your problem fully and provide the most appropriate remedy to begin the healing process.

I have had experience of treating treating long and short term problems from coughs, colds and injuries, to long standing conditions such as hay fever, menstrual problems, food intolerances, digestive problems, long term skin conditions and respiratory complaints.

Homoeopathy can also be used in situations where you need to regain your energy such as after long periods of stress, an accident, surgery or a long term illness. Homoeopathy can also support naturally occurring life processes like entering puberty, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause.

The homoeopathic consultation can also help you to understand and identify patterns in your life which contribute to ill health and other problems. The consultation is an opportunity to get to know you, it is a space where you can speak and be listened to. As a homoeopath I need to know who it is I am treating. Homeopathy is about treating the person who is ill so that they can overcome their problems using the healing abilities of their own body. To be able do this I need to know what is wrong from your perspective. Homoeopathy is not just about finding the remedy. It is a process which can help you attain and maintain better health long term.

Homoeopathy may be used to address physical and emotional problems. It can be used when you need to improve your digestion, sleep better, have more energy and focus, be less anxious and more confident. Used long term homoeopathy may help you spend less time feeling ill and unable to function and more time on the things in life you want to do.

Homoeopathy may be used for acute illnesses, long standing conditions and life processes such as . . . Respiratory Problems, Long Term Skin Conditions, Allergies, Hay Fever, Repetitive Strain Injury, Fibromyalgia, Food Intolerances, Digestive Problems, Urinary Tract Conditions, Erectile Dysfunction, Menstrual Problems, Pregnancy Problems, Post Natal Problems, Menopausal Problems, Recurrent Colds, Recurrent Infections, Stress related complaints, Post Operative Recovery, Arthritis, Insomnia, Lack of Vitality, Mood Swings, Anxiety and Emotional Problems, Entering puberty, Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Menopause.

If you want to learn more about homeopathy click the 'About Homeopathy' tab. You'll find a brief history of homeopathy, information about current research into homeopathy and news and information regarding homeopathy in the wider world. If you want to know more about how homeopathy can help you and what happens at a consultation click the 'FAQ/Typical Session' tab.

If you are looking for more general information about homeopathy visit The Society of Homeopaths website or the Homeopathy:Medicine for the 21st century website which also has good information, links and research pages.

Learn How To Use Homeopathic Remedies, Introductory courses on homeopathic prescribing.

If you have ever tried prescribing homeopathic remedies for friends and family and found it to be a hit and miss affair this course is for you.

Homeopathy can appear challenging and bewildering at first sight. How do you choose the right remedy? How long should you give the remedy for?

Charts and leaflets in pharmacies and health food shops only give brief descriptions, many books on the subject either over simplify or over complicate the process. This can lead to a disappointing experience.

By taking a practical six week introductory course in homeopathy you can learn the methods I use as professional homoeopath to find the right remedy an confidently treat yourself, your friends and your family.

What will I learn on the course? On the course you will learn how to prescribe homeopathic remedies effectively by learning the methods used by professional homeopaths. With a solid foundation in homeopathic principles the emphasis of the course is on giving you practical homeopathic skills and basic natural health techniques to confidently care for your family. The course will help you understand health from a homeopathic perspective and provide you with the skills you need to practice safely and effectively treat a wide range of short term problems.

A 6 week introduction to homeopathy course covers the following topics . . .

Week 1 introduces you to history and guiding principles of homeopathy, the emphasis is on what you can safely treat by yourself, demystifying homeopathy guiding you through case taking, prescribing safely and introducing you to the remedy kit.

Week 2 builds on the basic prescribing skills you learned in week one by introducing you to Arnica, Bellis Perenis, Calendula and Hypericum, four very useful remedies for minor injuries and more with advice on basic safety in first aid situations.

Week 3 covers ABC and beyond. Aconite, Belladonna and Chamomilla are excellent remedies for childhood illnesses ranging from teething problems through to mumps and chicken pox. This week emphasises the importance of individualised prescribing.

Week 4 re-emphasises the importance of individualised treatment and the skills necessary for making a choice between remedies. This week we practice those skills and learn about hay fever remedies including Allium Cepa, Euphrasia, Arsenicum and Nux Vom.

Week 5 provides you with an armoury of cough, cold and flu remedies including Aconite, Bryonia, Gelsemium, and Pulsatilla.

Week 6 covers remedies which every traveller might need to treat travel sickness, bites and stings, sunburn and diarrhoea.

Spaces are limited so booking early is essential.

Classes cost £10 for 2 hours including materials. Cost of the full 6 weeks payable in advance.

To accompany the course Ainsworths 42 Essential Remedy Kits and Miranda Castro’s Complete Homeopathy Handbooks are available at a discount.

To book a place on my next course Contact me by phone (07910644350 / 0208 297 1268) or click here to e-mail me

News From The World of Homeopathy.

Swiss Federal Government report supports homeopathy

The English translation of the Swiss Health Technology Assessment (HTA) report on homeopathy was published in December 2011. This extensive and authoritative report offers an unambiguous endorsement of the evidence base for homeopathy.

Exciting new research into homeopathy and cancer.

eCAM, the online scientific journal (Oxford University Press) has published some exciting new research into the effects of homeopathic medicines on cancer cells.

The research showed that not only did the potentised doses have an immediate effect on the cells, but the results were shown to be long-lasting. The study also showed that gene expression was significantly influenced; that is the combination of genes that are turned on or off in response to a significant condition such as cancer.

There has been little research into the effects of homeopathic medicines in vitro, the majority of studies having been conducted on human subjects. This research will surely add weight to the argument that homeopathy is more than placebo.

PCT pilot survey - full report now available

"Despite the inclusion of homeopathy as a treatment in the founding charter of the NHS, and despite the promises of access to this therapy made at the time of the foundation of the NHS, it would appear that there is a widespread failure to provide homeopathy in the NHS. This failure appears to be attributable to prejudice rather than to informed decision-making. If this is truly the case, then many PCT Boards are failing to meet their obligations as trustees of the public interest by allowing their decisions to be influenced by vested interests."

You can now download the full report by visiting the homeopathy worked for me website.

Does The Placebo Effect Work On Parasites?

Two articles recently published in The International Journal of High Dilution Research show that substances diluted to the same degree as homoeopathic remedies can affect the biological function of parasitic ticks and lettuce seeds.

The Cattle tick Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus poses serious problems for farmers in Brazil, especially because the parasite easily develops resistance to pesticide agents. For this reason, together with other factors including environmental, human and animal contamination and costs, alternative approaches have been sought for.

The cattle in the study were treated with a remedy prepared from the ticks themselves. Ticks found on the cattle which had been treated weighed less, laid fewer eggs, and of the eggs which were laid fewer hatched. This resulted in the decrease of the reproductive efficiency of ticks

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