About Me

Apart from eight years when I was working abroad I've had the pleasure of living in South East London all my life. I was trained in Classical Homoeopathy at The University of Westminster. Since graduating I have trained in Diagnostic Kinesiology which I use in assessments for allergies and sensitivities to foods and pollutants. Since 2006 I have been practicing homeopathy at several locations in Lewisham, South-East London and Norwich. I have had experience of treating people from diverse backgrounds and ages with a variety of individual needs.

I don't think homoeothy should be something mysterious. It's important that patients understand the homeopathic process. I am always happy to answer any questions people have. I always explain what remedies I am prescribing and why. Where possible I like to work together with patients and their other healthcare professionals to provide truly complementary medicine.

I belong to the Society of Homeopaths and I am a member of the South East London Homeopathic Group (SELHOG) which meets regularly for lectures and seminars. I also work with charities providing homeopathy which are a source of valuable experience. Through these organisations I also find the friendship and support of other homoeopaths.

Working with the Maun Homeopathy Project

Over the summer of 2007 I worked with the Maun Homeopathy Project, a charity providing homeopathy and homoeopathic training in a small town in Botswana. Working with two other homeopaths and with the support of the local hospital and NGO’s we had the privilege to be trusted by and treat more than 200 patients per month, all suffering from HIV or AIDS. During my time with the Maun Homeopathy Project I gained valuable practice experience I would never have gained in three months of private practice. Most relevant was how homoeopathy could work as a complement to conventional Anti Retroviral Drugs and alleviate distressing side effects.

If you would like to read more about my experiences in Maun you are welcome to visit my blog at www.123homoeopathy.blogspot.com

Charities providing homeopathy

While training and since graduation I have worked with the National Homoeopathic Service, Sunrise Children's Clinic and Travelling Homoeopaths Collective all of which are charities providing homeopathy to many different people with diverse needs. Working with charities provided me with my first experience of practice in the outside world. The National Homoeopathic Service provided homeopathy to other charities and groups such as Sure Start, St. Mungo’s and the Alcohol Recovery Programme. Sunrise Children's Clinic is a charity providing low cost homeopathy to children and their parents at weekly clinics in Stoke Newington. The Travelling Homoeopaths Collective provides homeopathic treatment for acute conditions at summer festivals throughout Britain. Maun Homeopathy Project, Sunrise Children's Clinic and THC are still working today and would appreciate your support.


To find out more about the charities which provide homeopathy click the following links

The Travelling Homoeopaths Collective www.thc.org.uk

The Maun Homoeopathy Project www.homeopathybotswana.com

Sunrise Children's Clinic


Homeopathy in Lewisham and Norwich.

In South-East London I practice homeopathy, within easy reach of Blackheath, Brockley, Catford, Crystal Palace, Deptford, Forest Hill, Greenwich, Hither Green, Lee, Lewisham, New Cross and Sydenham. All the practices I work at are within easy reach of buses and railway stations serving Central London, The City, Docklands and Kent. If you want to see where I practice click the 'Contact Me' tab.

In Norwich I practice at the Unthank Clinic above Hurn Chemists on Unthank Road and is easily reached from the city centre by the number 25 bus.


Contact me by phone

(07910644350 / 0208 297 1268)

or click here to e-mail me via the form on my contact page.


If you have any questions you would like answered or you wish to make an appointment you are welcome to contact me.

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